App-139 was designed and developed by GateKeeper Systems, founded in 1997 and a provider of specialized software to airports for managing ground transportation, parking access, and airfield assets and inspections. Our Commercial Vehicle Management software is installed in dozens of airports worldwide—more than our top three competitors combined. App-139, our latest offering, is being used by airport operations as a ground-breaking tool for managing airfield assets and Part 139 requirements.

Why do so many airports turn to GateKeeper?

Unlike other companies, airports are the only market we serve.  We have decades of experience in ground transportation and traffic management, and a proven record of success in developing and implementing technology for airports. We understand the unique challenges airports face in improving safety, security, and customer service.

Not only is air traffic growing, but operating costs continue to rise, especially to maintain facilities. These challenges extend to your most valuable physical asset, the airfield, which still must maintain the highest levels of safety possible.

The GateKeeper team

GateKeeper Systems has an extensive record in helping airports improve safety, increase security, cut costs and grow revenues. Many members of GateKeeper’s team have worked inside airports. Our success in the aviation market is the combination of this first-hand experience along with technical expertise in such areas as software development and system integration, RFID technology, networking, and implementation planning. Our customers attest that our perspective, knowledge and technology are invaluable in assuring a successful project that meets or exceeds requirements—and expectations.