App-139 Technology from GateKeeper Systems

In the fast-paced and continually changing world of aviation, airport safety is always your #1 priority. To run a safe operations, you must trust that your tools and data are reliable and readily available.  App-139 and its underlying technology satisfy your requirements for reliability and accessibility.

Airport Safety Software

State-of-the-art cloud-based application

As a cloud-based application, App-139 is useable by anyone with a Web-enabled tablet and an Internet connection. The easiest way to think about a cloud-based application is that it delivers increased capacity or adds new capabilities without requiring you to invest in new infrastructure, train new personnel, or license new software.

Being a cloud-based application, you pay to use App-139, but you don’t have to download anything, make any upgrades or maintain any servers. You have access to the always-up-to-date App-139 anytime, anywhere you have Internet access and the right access credentials.

Your costs are lower compared to conventional software licensing because App-139 is cloud-based. And, we pass those cost-savings on to you. It’s easier for our software developers to maintain since there is only one version of the software—not multiple revision levels that have different collections of patches for fixes and features, making it hard for support people to know what you need when you call for help.

Another feature of cloud-based apps is that with more and more users using the software, it’s continually being tested each and every day by people in the operations office and on airfields very similar to yours. Therefore, you can count on the reliability of the software—alleviating your concerns about costly software problems and down-time.

The benefits of a cloud-based app are:

  • Secure and reliable access to critical information 24/7 through the tablet app
  • Lower cost, yet powerful IT infrastructure, without the hardware.
  • The ability to stay mobile and keep informed even when you're out on the airfield, as long as you have an Internet connection
Safe and secure data

Data security is always a key factor in airport safety. One way to think of App-139’s security is to compare it to money in your wallet vs. money in the bank. Think of your files and data as money. Money that is kept in your wallet is susceptible to being lost or stolen from you. On the other hand, money that is kept in a bank is securely stored.

If you manage your own files and keep them stored in a local computer or file cabinet, it’s challenging, expensive and time-consuming to ensure their safety. However, with App-139, all of your asset and maintenance data is protected. App-139’s cloud-based data centers are state-of-the-art facilities with the most advanced physical and computer security protection including comprehensive disaster recovery plans. Frequent data/system backups ensure that you can depend on your data always being available and current.—all of which give you the security you need to focus on your #1 priority—safety.

Affordable mobile devices

Many airfield operational tasks are done from maintenance or operations vehicles, so it’s imperative that your system is designed for mobility. That’s why App-139 was specifically built looking at both your “on-the-airfield” and your “in-the-office” needs.

App-139 runs on compact, multi-purpose devices that can be used comfortably in a variety of environments. You don’t need any special equipment installed or bolted onto your inspection vehicles. App-139 runs natively on the Apple iPad, which is widely available at an affordable price.

Apple iPad tablets include functions that are just what’s needed to enhance your inspection efforts. The functions include:

  • GPS tracking and coordinates
  • Built-in camera
  • GIS images display
  • email service
  • Ability to link to documents stored in various locations
Automatic updates

With a cloud-based app, new features and capabilities for App-139 are regularly delivered and are ready the moment you use App-139. No need for you to prepare extensive upgrade roll-out plans to figure out how and when you’re going to get the new software out to your users. No need to refresh your hardware and network infrastructure to support increased traditional software’s memory or storage requirements. You simply access App-139 as usual and the new features and capabilities are ready for you.

Feature and functional enhancements are a result of more and more users providing feedback on using App-139 daily. Shared ideas for new capabilities from you and other users get implemented in App-139 and automatically made available to you and your peers at a much lower cost than when uniquely developed for one user.

Fast implementation

Changing your software programs can be an arduous and difficult process. But not with cloud-based App-139, your implementation is fast and simple. No more 18-24 months to deploy a software solution. Unlike other products, App-139’s cloud-based design means no servers to install or upgrade, no lengthy software installation period or steep learning code. In fact, App-139 is typically implemented in less than a month.

App-139’s 4-step Implementation process:

Step 1: Sign-up for App-139

Step 2: Upload your airport GIS data

Step 3: Complete the configuration guide

Step 4: Test your configuration settings

And, you’re ready to begin realizing the benefits of App-139.