Daily Airfield Inspectors

Daily Airfield Inspection Software
An airfield is a complicated environment that includes a large and diverse array of assets. Your job is to prevent or correct unsafe airfield conditions. You need a tool that automates and streamlines the inspection process—and doesn’t get in your way. App-139 is that tool, and it’s a far cry from what you may be using today.

Maybe you carry around a clipboard with paper inspection sheets to handwrite reports. At best, you have an internet-enabled laptop bolted to the dashboard of your vehicle for keying-in data. Both of these systems are tedious and inefficient. Plus you likely have more gear such as a camera and GPS device.

A handy tool that doesn’t get in your way

Now all you need is an off-the-shelf tablet (like a Samsung Galaxy or Toshiba Thrive) running App-139. Record observations, take pictures, issue work orders and query asset histories—all using a single lightweight and portable device. App-139’s intuitive interface, with its drop down menus, point-and-click, and touch-and-swipe features, greatly simplifies data input.

“Living map” for pinpoint-accuracy

The GIS map groups assets by category so you can view, hide or drill-down into any level of detail you need. Plus all entries are tied to the precise GPS coordinates of the airfield assets you’re inspecting. Track your location on the airfield, even if you’re doing night inspections when you’re on the field in the dark. Shoot photos tagged with GPS locations  and link your work orders with precise GPS coordinates. Save the route you took while doing your inspection and link it to the inspection report for a complete inspection audit trail.

Before you get back to the office, your inspection reports are “in the system” and maintenance has your work orders. Imagine being able to inspect your airfield more comprehensively and with greater precision and ease than paper or an outdated system.