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FAA Part 139 annual inspections just changed forever. An easy, integrated, and powerful airport operations tool that will change the way you do daily inspections and get ready for your annual Part 139 inspection.

The easiest airfield operations application you have ever seen. There is something for operations managers of airports of every size and for any self-inspection program you implement. App-139’s new capabilities include:

  • Real-time visibility into airfield assets and other safety-related information (i.e. hazardous materials) right on the field.
  • Automated daily inspection module.
  • An intuitive interface to quickly and easily record observations or enter notes
  • Issue, track, edit and cancel maintenance work orders from anywhere
  • GPS tracking to pinpoint and identify asset locations precisely
  • Specific AGIS/GIS data layer (e.g. lights, signs, pavement, etc.) so you can view precisely the set of assets you’re interested in
  • One integrated database to securely access complete and accurate documentation.
  • Built-in reports and customized queries to drill-down for the exact information you need.
  • Customizable attributes and multiple pictures of each airfield asset

It’s time to make your daily inspections  easier and more effective than ever before. Ace your annual Part 139 inspection every time. See how App-139 can be used at your airport.