Who uses App-139

App-139 is designed for any FAA Part 139 certified airport—no matter the size. Whether you have 2,500 annual enplanements or more than 25 million, App-139 is scalable, flexible and affordable. There’s no better or more effective tool to improve the safety of your airport and manage your airfield assets, regardless of your airport size, staffing or budget.

Airports who want to improve their operations effectiveness

  • Manual Processes
  • Time-consuming daily inspection needs
App-139 reduces the time and inefficiencies associated with current labor-intensive processes. Plus, it greatly improves accuracy by automating and documenting the entire self-inspection process—all in one up-to-date, always available data repository.
  • Tight budgets
  • Cross-functional staff
  • Hundreds of airfield assets
App-139 gives you an easy way to query and examine asset histories and other operational metrics. This helps proactively improve operational processes and assess potential safety issues—without additional spending or staffing requirements. It provides secure access to the most up-to-date asset and safety information for everyone who needs it, when they need it.
  • Expensive client/server infrastructure
  • Proprietary asset tracking systems
App-139 is a more affordable and more advanced technological alternative. As the only cloud-based Part 139 solution that uses tablet devices, you can lower your IT costs, eliminate the need for additional IT infrastructure, and wipe out the hardware and software obsolescence issues often associated with older technologies.

Departments who want an intuitive tool

Airfield Management

Operations Management

Your job is to continuously improve airfield operations, proactively enhance airfield safety, and eliminate discrepancies on your Part 139 annual inspection. Learn how App-139 helps operations management.

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Part 139 Compliance

Daily Field Inspectors

Built from the ground up as an app for tablets, App-139 is easy to use and the most convenient technology you’ve ever encountered. See how App-139 gives you the information you need while on the airfield.

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GIS Assets

Airfield Maintenance Crew

You shouldn’t be bogged down trying to create, edit or view a maintenance work order. App-139 streamlines, automates and improve work order management.

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