App-139 Expands for Even More Value

App-139 has additional features that go beyond what you might expect from the best in airside and landside inspection and work order software. It offers three important modules than expand its value to your airport:

Daily Log Module

  • Creates and tracks events important enough to document, but which fall outside of the inspection scope. Examples include fuel spills, shift highlights, escorted contractors on the airfield.
  • Records events, alerts and activities.
  • Tracks events by an event number, username of creator, date and time, description and corrective action taken.
  • Querys by date, username, event number, and by keywords in the description or action.
  • Exports and saves information as a PDF or prints and shows all events by date.

Admin Module

  • Offers custom roles and permissions so your airport admin can add or delete users and assign them a certain role/permission.
  • Adds and customizes more departments for email notifications and allows you to create or modify your email notifications list and to customize when to send emails.
  • Sets-up multiple work order reminder email notifications for people and departments so work order won’t be overlooked.
  • Provides for customization of work order priority name options.

NOTAM Tracking Module

  • Lets users enter basic information on any NOTAM, which is represented by a “marker” on the airfield image to allow for easy status identification. Also, NOTAMs are stored as part of the permanent airfield records.
  • NOTAMs are easily added to an inspection report and can returned to later to insert your digital NOTAM Manager # as a reference, which shows on your Part 139 inspection form.
  • Allows setup as an email notification (doesn’t communicate with FAA directly.)

It’s great how App-139’s map ties everything together for the inspections and work orders. Now everybody knows the status right away and it’s easy to get a report for the inspector. This saves us a lot of time!

Northern Colorado Regional Airport
Larry Mack
Operations and Maintenance Supervisor