App-139 is simple-to-use, yet it’s sophisticated and comprehensive

With App-139 all data and information, including GIS imagery, regarding all airside and landside operations, are easily and intuitively captured and integrated electronically. There is no mountain of paperwork to manage. Nothing can fall through the cracks.

App-139 ensures that there’s no lack of communication or miscommunication. Tracked and integrated data enable immediate and efficient communication, so everyone in the circle of trust — operations and airport management and employees, daily field inspectors, airfield maintenance crew — receive immediate status updates about everything they need to be aware of or act on.

Inspection reports, work orders, and NOTAMs are easily generated, distributed, tracked, and updated. Historical analyses facilitate the discovery of opportunities for continuous safety improvement along with detailed facts to back-up safety recommendations.

Self-inspections and preparation for the annual FAA inspection are a breeze when every observation, discrepancy, incident, or inspection is digitally and fully documented, managed, and resolved. Stress is lessened and time is saved when all FAA-required reports and documentation are instantly available.

Cloud-based App-139 is secure and reliable. Your airport has its own separate, secure database. Assistance from real humans 24/7/365 means no additional in-house IT support or hardware to your internal network are required.

With App-139 airport safety, security, efficiency and revenue increase.

Getting away from pencil and paper was a smart decision. For over four years App-139 has saved hours every single week and made significant improvements to our auditing records and records storage. That’s tremendous value.

Punta Gorda Airport
Ben Duke
Operations Manager

The estimated savings in labor costs since App-139 was put into operation is about 40% . . .The airport inspection procedure for airport operations was reduced from seven steps to four and the maintenance work request procedure was reduced from five steps to three.

Jorge Rubio
Ventura County Director of Airports
Airport Magazine June/July 2015