Software Focused on the Needs of Airports

App-139 was designed and developed by GateKeeper Systems, the leading provider of specialized software to airports of any size. Our products manage ground transportation operations and parking access, as well as landside and airside assets and inspections.

Our software portfolio includes

App-139 — Eases the administrative requirements for inspections and work orders all for landside and airside operations, including FAA Part 139 compliance. The software leverages the latest technology including existing GIS (geographical information system) imaging, GPS tracking, and wireless mobile technologies. This automates safety self-inspections and the issuance of work orders and NOTAMS. Plus, App-139 combines asset tracking and reporting functionality for easy access to a complete history of airfield asset information.

Commercial Vehicle Management — Utilizes RFID technology to monitor, track, control, charge fees, and record commercial vehicle operations. It significantly improves an airport’s ability to better manage curb space, create new revenue sources from ground transportation operations, and improve customer service. We partner with TransCore, an industry leader in RFID tags and readers for airports to offer the most advanced turnkey GTMS solutions for airports.

TNC-Ops — Receives data from the TNCs’ systems when TNC vehicles are reported on airport roadways through the deployment of geofence technology. It helps with oversight responsibility and provides an opportunity to create TNC support data for airport invoice systems, enhance enforcement, and audit vehicle trip data.

Why so many airports turn to GateKeeper

Unlike other companies, we’re focused on solving problems for airports. We have decades of experience in ground transportation and traffic management, and a proven record of success in developing and implementing technology for airports. That means that we really understand the unique challenges airports face in improving safety, security, and customer service.

Just ask our customers. They’ll attest to the fact that our perspective, knowledge and technology are invaluable in assuring a successful project that meets or exceeds their requirements. And their expectations.

Our GateKeeper team

Many members of GateKeeper’s team have worked inside airports. Our success in the aviation market is the combination of this first-hand experience along with technical expertise in such areas as software development and system integration, networking, and implementation planning. Our technology expertise includes RFID, GPS, License Plate Recognition, and Beacons.

The Bottom Line

GateKeeper Systems is the recognized leader in ground transportation management software with installations at dozens of airports worldwide. No one matches our track record of helping airports improve safety, reduce congestion, increase security, lower costs and generate revenue.

Not only is the software great, but GateKeeper’s customer service is top notch. Questions are answered and problems are solved nearly instantaneously.

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport
Alex Nutt
Operations-Safety Compliance Supervisor