Save time and money while creating a safer airport. Use App-139 to manage inspections for your entire airport—airside and landside.

Daily inspections and management of an airport require myriad documents and administrative tasks. The volume and complexity of airside and landside variables require immediate, hourly, daily and monthly communications and status updates. It’s easy to drown in paperwork while compromising efficiency, and even safety.

  • Enable comprehensive and streamlined data and information digital capture for tracking, maintenance, and immediate communication to everyone who needs to be informed.
  • Day-to-day operations, such as inspections and effective and timely execution of work orders and NOTAMs, are more efficient. And all data are digitally captured and integrated, so your inspection preparation is a breeze.
  • Impress FAA inspectors with your organization and continuous, proactive maintenance and high level of safety measures. Your team and everyone in the airside and landside circle of trust will appreciate immediate access to information so they can efficiently and effectively do their jobs and contribute to a safe and efficient airport.
  • Manage work orders through completion. Now everyone who needs to be in the loop knows what they need to know to effectively and efficiently complete their role in the resolution of issues and completion of work orders.

It’s pretty cool how, during an Airfield Inspection, my staff can simply drop a pin or polygon on a map where the issue is on airfield. It makes it really clear where the issue is.

Fort Wayne International Airport
Ryan Bauer
Operations Supervisor

App-139 creates efficiency and transparency from start to finish of any task. Its drawing tools and information/data input mechanisms require no technical skill. The resulting asset data is tied to GIS imagery and is integrated automatically with the inspection and work order. That means the inspector can effectively and immediately communicate with maintenance crews exactly where to go and what to do.

Of course App-139 is cloud-based and supported 24/7/365 by real human beings. This gives you secure and reliable access to critical information from a reliable and powerful IT infrastructure. Now you don’t need to add in-house IT support or hardware to your internal network, only iPads. And, of course, you can on App-139 to ensure the security of data because it’s hosted a separate, secure database for each airport.

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