Airfield Asset Management: Beyond Simple Airfield Asset Tracking

App-139 is your decision-making tool with real-time visibility into airfield assets.
  • App-139 automates, documents and validates your entire self-inspection process.
  • App-139’s daily and special inspection tracking includes who, where, when completed, and results.
  • App-139 lets you issue, track, edit and cancel maintenance work orders while on the airfield.


Be more proactive in improving your airport safety.
  • App-139 ensures no-time delay between maintenance notification and getting to work on repair because requests are automatically captured and monitored.
  • Maintenance work-orders are linked to specific locations on the GIS map so crews can quickly find assets that need repair and you can monitor maintenance status.
  • Query maintenance histories and other pertinent safety reports with App-139 to determine the best course of action or if further investigation is required.
  • Beyond improving your maintenance response, App-139 provides the ability to provide compliance information for Wildlife Control Plans, the use of chemicals on your airfield, and foreign object debris (FOD) prevention efforts.


App-139 creates a “living map” of your airfield.
  • Using GIS imagery, App-139 shows multiple layers of assets presenting you the details on location and status of airfield assets visually.
  • App-139 ties the GIS imagery to the asset data and integrates it automatically with your inspection process, reports and NOTAMs.
  • Operations personnel can use App-139’s drawing tools directly on the airfield without requiring any technical skills. This allows them to sketch maintenance issues precisely and clearly with accurate dimensions and perspectives.
  • App-139 allows you to perform dimensional analysis on physical assets to help determine cost of repair related to size (e.g. cubic feet) and/or amount (e.g. gallons).