What is App-139

App-139 is an easy-to-use and affordable software application that can transform your daily airfield inspections—ensuring you that they’re accurate, complete, and instantly accessible. Using off-the-shelf, wireless-enabled tablets, such as a Samsung Galaxy, Motorola XOOM or an Apple iPad, App-139 is an intuitive, decision-making tool to inspect, document, report and track your airfield assets. It helps you meet your specific and, in some cases unique, FAA reporting and compliance requirements for Part 139 operations. You will love how much easier it makes preparing for your annual Part 139 inspection– and you can take professional pride for consistently having no discrepancies.

Works wherever you do

App-139 brings your office onto the airfield. When you’re out inspecting operational areas, App-139 provides complete details on your operations assets, letting you deal with all types of safety issues on the spot. When you’re in the office, App-139 becomes your “always there” information repository, giving you complete visibility into your inspection results. As soon as data is recorded in the field, it’s available—safe and secure—in whatever form you need and to everyone who needs it. With App-139’s GPS tracking capability, you can even validate that inspections were conducted as planned.

Delivers insight into your operations

Using App-139’s standard reports and customizable queries, you get unprecedented insights into how your airfield assets are working. You can easily determine possible maintenance and usage trends, and App-139’s simple-to-use query capability helps you identify the underlying cause of continued maintenance and repair of individual assets. Now your recommendations to correct the issue are justified with complete detailed and historical documentation. App-139 is aimed at making it easier for you to continuously improve asset utilization and, most importantly, improve the safety of your airfield.