Part 139 Compliance Reporting: Automatic and Accessible

App-139 matches reports to your specific airport and inspector’s requirements.
  • Use App-139’s built-in suite of standard reports to ace your annual Part 139 inspection.
  • Create your own unique queries to capture information for specialized needs.
  • Export reports and query results in various formats to match your different reporting and analysis needs.
  • Reports provide a verifiable audit trail with precise GPS locations and exact inspection start and stop times.


App-139 enhances your inspection program to strengthen your focus on safety.
  • App-139 produces complete and accurate documentation in one “always there” location that contains the data needed to respond easily to FAA reporting requirements.
  • With App-139, you can carefully examine asset histories and other operational metrics to make safety recommendations and maximize the value of scarce budget funding.
  • Standard reporting and customizable query capabilities make it easy to find trends so you can take pre-emptive action.