GateKeeper Systems Launches Revamped & Redesigned APP-139 Application

Newly-updated software includes a wide variety of new features, functionality and fixes.


  • Improved device compatibility! By leveraging the modern, more powerful, web browser but designing for a tablet, GateKeeper App-139 can now be used on any internet-connected device, without the need to download or update a dedicated app. While accessing GateKeeper App-139 via a phone will still work, doing so isn’t recommended for daily use, as there is not enough screen real estate to have a great experience with the map.
  • Reminders can now be added to most items, including inspections and work orders.


  • Merged functionality between SPI & Part-139 inspections brings consistency and efficiency to the inspection process, including the ability to add work orders, carryovers, and notes to both types of inspections.
  • The capability of having layers (saved locations) for any facility is expanded.
  • Simultaneous inspections can now be performed; there is no limit to the number of inspections that can be performed at one time.
  • Airport staff can create and customize as many Part-139 and SPIs as they would like. Personalized checklists, or customized facilities and conditions on out-of-the-box inspections, can also be created.


  • Work orders can be added directly from the inspection, just like with Part-139 inspections.
  • Responses can now be marked in bulk.
  • Sub-types with separate checklists can be created.

Work Orders

  • Work orders can now be added without an inspection! Any open work order that is not closed by the time of the next eligible inspection will automatically show up as a carryover.
  • In addition to being able to save inspection photos, GateKeeper App-139 now allows adding multiple document types to inspections, including reports, certificates, insurance policies, etc.
  • New, robust filtering for work orders, including some default filters by department, makes finding work order information easier than ever.
  • Users can now add multiple “in process” work orders!


  • Users no longer need to enter NOTAM information! GateKeeper App-139 now automatically “pulls” in open NOTAMs information for your airport from an FAA data feed and will associate the open NOTAMs with the inspection at the time of inspection.


  • Access common information about the system from the home page, such as open work orders, open NOTAMs, and reminders for scheduled inspections and maintenance.

Enhanced Search, Reporting, and Insights

  • With more information available to capture, such as attached work orders to SPIs, searching and reporting is now easier and more effective with more data points.

Reliability and Flexibility

  • While not visible to App-139 users, substantial improvements to the software code make future changes less complicated, improve response time, and increased our ability to find and fix software issues in a timely manner.